Do you recognize yourself here?

2 out of 3 women and over 50% of men want to lose weight, but almost all of them fail. Only 1 in 150 manage to reach the ideal weight and keep it permanently.

In 2018, 60% of all adults in Germany were overweight.

The majority of people regularly plan to eat healthier and do more sport (especially on New Years).

Overweight in Germany

1 %
1 %
1 %

Most common reasons for lack of exercise

no time

No desire


enough exercise

too tired


Do you have a full professional and private life and little space for long training units?

We have the right, holistic strategy with which you can lose weight, become healthier and feel good in your body again.

Our program is specially designed for busy people with little time.

We use successful strategies and principles from the business world: SMART goals and the Pareto principle.

SMART goals

Why do most people fail with their good intentions?

You lack seriousness. They do not write them down or terminate them. We help you to define smart goals and implement them as quickly as possible.

Bad: "I should do more sport."
Better: "I will do sport at least twice a week this year, so that I don't run out of breath so quickly and feel good in my body again."












20% Effort



The Pareto principle states, among other things, that 80% of the result can be achieved with 20% of the effort, while 80% must be used for the remaining 20%.

Example: It is relatively easy to get a flat, muscular stomach.

A well-defined six-pack, on the other hand, requires a disproportionate amount of discipline and energy.

Since you have little time, we will help you to use the Pareto principle for your fitness goals.

In other words: maximum effect with minimum effort.

Define your goals

Do not hesitate, start now!

Your alternatives

Carry on as before

You keep making resolutions to do more sport and lose weight, especially on New Years

You try different diets and exercise programs, but nothing works in the long term

Even if you achieve short-term success, you quickly slip back into old habits

You eventually settle down, but you are never really comfortable (literally) and unhappy

You register for a free consultation

We help you to define smart goals that are the basis for quick success

We show you how you can achieve these goals with minimal effort (Pareto principle)

Small changes in behavior are sufficient for this, without massive, unrealistic interventions in your everyday life

You will become fitter, more energetic and more efficient

Instead of being dissatisfied with yourself, you become the best version of yourself

What do you get?

Days or weeks of research for suitable weight loss methods and fitness programs

Useless diets and time consuming workouts

Rigorously avoiding things that you like


Yo-yo effect

Quit because the results aren't right and you're not motivated

Guilty conscience for not sticking to it

Never be really satisfied with yourself

What can you expect?

Considerable time savings as we take care of everything and get you to your destination without detours

Comprehensive support

Minimally invasive change in your everyday life (therefore sustainable)

Short high intensity workouts

No diet, no yo-yo effect. Instead, a change in diet without any real sacrifice

You feel good again in your body and become more self-confident

You have more energy for family and everyday life

They extend your life by up to 6 years

Your initial consultation process

1. Inquiry

Press the button “Schedule a consultation now” and fill out the contact form.

Duration: 1-2 minutes

2. Analysis

One of our experts will contact you, analyze your current situation and ask about your goals.

Duration: 5-10 minutes

3. Consultation

If we can help you, we will discuss a strategy that will enable you to achieve your goals quickly and sustainably.

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

Why use our services?

Losing weight is actually quite easy. You just have to consume less energy than you use and ideally move a little more.

Unfortunately, the statistics show that this is anything but trivial in our society today.


Time consuming as you have to learn everything yourself

Detours and mistakes can hardly be avoided

You have no one to control the results and drive you

High chance of giving up and failing at some point (like over 99% of all people who want to lose weight)


Proven system that is continuously optimized through the experience of countless customers

We adapt it for you and bring you straight to your goal

Comprehensive support, including the necessary motivation

High probability of being one of the special 0.67% who successfully and permanently lose weight

Just few seats left

Due to our comprehensive support, we can only have a limited number of clients at the same time. That is why we are very selective and only work with people whom we can safely help.

What is important here is the willingness to invest in yourself and your goals and to strive to be the best version of yourself.

If this philosophy appeals to you, we would love to speak to you – without any obligation. In any case, this consultation is free of charge for you. As a thank you, you will also receive a white paper with useful tips and tricks to help you lose weight permanently.

If not now, then when?

If you find the offer interesting, do not hesitate.

Successful people are characterized by the fact that they do not put off important things, but tackle them.

And what is more important than you being fit and healthy?

During the consultation we can clarify any questions and dispel doubts. It’s also absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose.

So sign up now.

We look forward to you!

No diets, no yo-yo effect


Online, effective, comprehensive

Your coaching

You have a full professional and private life and little room for excessive training sessions. Do you still want to be sporty and healthy?

Our program is specially designed for busy people and will help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

With our limited autumn offer, you can still save money. Don’t wait for the New Year to make new resolutions that won’t be implemented. Register now for a free consultation and start your new life.


All coaching takes place online, using messengers and video calls.

This guarantees the greatest possible flexibility and the least amount of interference in your everyday life.

During this time, you are in constant contact with our team and can contact us around the clock with any questions.


Our high-intensity workouts have been optimized for years to be as effective as possible. They require minimal resources and can be done anywhere, anytime.

Units of just 15 minutes are enough to get fit, lose weight and build muscles.


We offer you a comprehensive program consisting of our tried and tested high-intensity workouts, nutritional advice and mindset coaching.

This is essential because we not only get you fit once, but also help you to reshape your life in such a way that you stay fit and healthy over the long term.

Short high-intensity workouts


Our team

Sports medicine & fitness trainer

Develop and improve your individual training program - adapted to your goals, your everyday life and your free time.


Create a diet that is adapted to you - without diet, without giving up tasty meals or the notorious yo-yo effect.

Mindset coaches

Providing the right starting conditions (sleep and stress level) and the necessary motivation.

Our team takes you by the hand so that you can achieve your goals in the shortest possible time and keep the results permanent!

Online, effective, sustainable


You almost got it

We only need a few details for your free consultation.

The interview will last about 45 minutes and we will show you how to lose weight quickly and become permanently fit.

On top of that, we will give you an exclusive white paper with the most tried and tested strategies (free download)

Sie haben es fast geschafft

Wir benötigen nur wenige Angaben für Ihre kostenlose Beratung.

Das Gespräch wird ca. 45 Minuten dauern und wir werden Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie schnell abnehmen und dauerhaft fit werden.

On Top schenken wir Ihnen ein exklusives Whitepaper mit den bewährtesten Strategien (gratis Download).

Don't put it off!

We’ll show you how to lose weight quickly and get fit.
An exclusive white paper with the most tried and tested strategies is available free of charge on top.